3 Hairstyles That Hide Scalp Psoriasis

3 Hairstyles That Hide Scalp Psoriasis

Steve Pullan, a qualified trichologist at the Philip Kingsley Clinic which is in New York states that, “Psoriasis affects between 2 and 5 percent of the general population, and of this group, 79 percent show symptoms on their scalp.”

Pullan goes on to add that, “Essentially, psoriasis, an inflammatory dermatosis, is a rapid cell turnover in the epidermis,” adds Pullan. Itching, flaking, irritation, and sometimes even hair breakage are also common symptoms of scalp psoriasis.

Depending on how serious the condition is, marks are known to appear anywhere even behind your ears as well as along long hairlines so how can you well camouflage symptoms of scalp psoriasis? Well we have asked an expert to help us with that and what we found out we have listed below.

Add Texture
Creative director of Nexxus Salon Hair, Kevin Mancuso, advices that you add some bounce to straight hairstyles as these will help in camouflaging scales which have appeared on the entire scalp. “Curls and waves can camouflage psoriasis better than straight hair because they offer structure and hold,” Mancuso said. “Additionally, they add lift to the hair, and will not part as easy as straight hair.”

Styles Meant for the Front of Your Scalp
According to Mancuso clients who suffer from Psoriasis tend to prefer crown, waterfall, bang braids.“It’s important to make sure that the braid is secured tightly enough that the style will hold, but that it’s still loose enough to be roughed up,” he says. “Wider, lived-in looking braids help to hide symptoms around the scalp.”

Covering Symptoms on Your Forehead
This has proven very difficult for a number of people, especially for men with short hair. To well cover it up I would suggest a shaggy hairstyles and bangs.



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