New fad - short, short hair styles and crazy colors

New fad - short, short hair styles and crazy colors

The new fad for hairstyles in 2016 is all about going shorter and shorter and the colors used are ever so whimsical. It’s nothing like what has ever been done before.

Short Hair Styles

Short hairstyles this year is all about the un-done look; it's tousled, it’s layered, it’s messy and it's awesome. Hairdressers are giving the short hair a more natural and subtle texture. This haircut allows for natural movement.

The most popular short hairstyle is the pixie look. The technique uses an undercut. These are so popular that the new fad in short hairstyles uses different variations of this popular haircut. The point is there are no rules! You can have longer sides, short sides, long wispy tendrils in the back, spiky on top and in any combination. You will still look fab in a short, short hair style.

Curls are now popularly too, called “coily” are making a comeback from the 70’s.

Crazy Colors

And another new fad is called “Happiness”. This hair color trend uses fresh flower-power colors, such as pink, purple, fuchsia and is intended make the hair cut look eccentric. The color is either done just at the tip of the hair or given a global makeover. The main point about the “Happy Hair Cut” is driving towards a self-expression of being happy with yourself.

Bold colors for hair are a possibility too. A mix of bold reds, oranges, and browns gives any short, short hair cut a crazy and beautiful look.

Platinum blonde look with a short pixie cut with a side bang is becoming increasingly popular and, of course, adding color is always an option.



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