The Asymmetrical Bob

The Asymmetrical Bob

The hairdo trends might be on the side of the pixie cut, but the asymmetrical bob will never go out of style because this hairstyle is extremely easy to maintain and suits all face shapes.

So, if you are thinking of giving the asymmetrical bob a go, and looking for more info and inspiration, you are on the right page because we are about to present some of the most flattering forms of this great hairdo style.

Long Asymmetrical Bob

One of the best examples of a long asymmetrical bob style is Marion Cotillard, the famous, beautiful French actress. Her brunette long bob is sophisticated and chic; the sleek, collarbone length bob is just right for her. Because her hair just skims the cheekbones, her eyes are accentuated, and this gives the illusion of a slimmer face.

Short Asymetrical Bob

If there is one celebrity that should definitely be in the Bob Hall of Fame, then it’s Victoria Beckham. Her cut always has a serious edge that somehow always looks modern. The subtle layers and the side-swept parting is always trendy.

Angled Asymmetrical Bob

If you think that only short bobs look sexy, let us just remind you of Rihanna’s old hairdo with mid-length angled strands. You have to agree that this style looks insanely hot!  If you want this bob, keep in mind that the length of your bob needs to be past your chin so that your face is framed without having your facial features overwhelmed.

Long Asymmetrical Side-Swept Bob

Sexy Rita Ora and her long asymmetrical side-swept bob is living proof of how adding a touch of shine to your locks goes a long way when it comes to the overall hairstyle. Her blunt cut bob is ideal because it adds a bit of volume to her thin locks.







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