A Quick Way To Look Flirty Today

A Quick Way To Look Flirty Today

A supermodel by the name of Rosie Huntington recently looked amazing on the Red Carpet as she promoted her new movie. She looked better than ever many people said, and her number one goal was to have a flirty look. Today, Rosie is happy to share how she came up with this look and why it would look good on all women.

The first step would be to wear a dark dress with no sleeves. This dress does not have to look like a millions dollars, and it does not have to be a perfect fit, either. It would be a good idea to wear a pair of shoes that go along with the dress.

Next, having a necklace around the neck goes great with this style. This necklace is not the traditional necklace that hangs down. This necklace is tightly wrapped around the neck but not choking.

Next, women should not over do it with the makeup. Some lipstick and eyeliner would be fine, and it is a must to use dark shaded colors.

Lastly, women should just throw their hair around with a tinge of a style to it. This look does not cost much money at all, and it has the word flirt written all over it.

This look will look great on all women because all women look good in dark colors. All women will also feel free because the clothes will not be too tight, so this makes it even easier for women to pull this look off.



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