Those Participating In Beauty Pageants As Children Show Some Signs Of Emotional And Social Problems

Those Participating In Beauty Pageants As Children Show Some Signs Of Emotional And Social Problems

If you have been preparing your child for a beauty pageant, do think again how it will affect the child and its growth. Do consider the stress the child is exposed to while it walks the ramp in typical hairstyles, weird clothing and makeup meant for adults. Those in favour of these pageants are of the view that they build up confidence in young children.

Parents should make the pageant not appear to be a fantasy in which they have to appear in fancy dress. Children tend to concentrate more on their looks  because active participation in these contests means an emphasis on their looks rather than improving their inner beauty. Social values of mutual love and care are not developed in these children.

Childhood happens to be the stage in which foundations of values of life are laid down in a child’s mind. These help it grow, and remain with the child throughout its life. To a large extent, they determine the future of the child. When children find their looks earning more acclaims than their inner souls, they tend to grasp on the material world tightly. This can have some serious repercussions in later life.

These children tend to gauge their self-worth through the looks they can see in the mirrors.  But the problem is that the are not going to remain in the state the are. Their looks are bound to change as they grow. There are to be acnes and pimples. It has been found that teenagers who took part in pageants did develop some sort of eating disorders.



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