What can you do for oily facial skin?

What can you do for oily facial skin?

If you have oily skin, then you are more prone to getting blackheads, pimples and other breakouts much more than those who have normal or dry skin. However, you need not fret because having oily skin has its own benefits. For one, oily skin is less likely to develop wrinkles, or perhaps, may develop far fewer wrinkles than other skin types. What an advantage!

Oily skin is so because of the excess oil on the skin’s outermost layer. This oil is produced by the sebaceous glands within the skin - the oil is known as sebum. The skin may appear to be shiny, but take a closer look and you will detect large pores too.

Oily skin is primarily due to genetics, but there are other reasons too, for instance, pregnancy, stress or other hormonal changes such as puberty, menopause and if you are on birth control pills.

It can be difficult to manage oily skin, but there are things you can do for oily skin on your face.

First, develop a routine and be consistent with how you care for your skin. Buying expensive products may not be as useful as you may think; using simple household ingredients can give you better results! Here is one remedy, apart from cleansing and moisturizing your face daily.

Egg Whites are great for removing excess oil from your skin, clearing out blemishes, and giving your skin a good tone as well. Just whip one egg white until it is stiff and then apply it to your face. Let it dry and then wash your face with warm water. You will see dramatic results if you do this twice a week.


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