Why your pores look huge

Why your pores look huge

According to the Harris Poll/L'Oreal survey, 56% of the women will quit deserts, alcohol and social media for one year, if that will solve their pore problem! And we know how much women like deserts and social media! Although, this is not some huge problem, dermatologist have the term for it, "porexia". There is no permanent solution which can shrink the pores, but there are several explanations, why pores are freaking out, and there are some short-term solutions.

Lack of the extractions is the main reason. According to the a New York City dermatologist and consultant for Lancôme, Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, M.D, treating pores that don’t need extraction, will make them stretch out permanently! So, next time when you visit your aesthetician, make sure that he is cleaning only clogged pores! Pores which are traumatized, will develop a scar tissue that will be much harder to remove from your skin!

The sebaceous glands, which caused acne when you were a teen, may have never shrunk. There is a solution for this problem. Using PDT (photodynamic therapy), a photosensitizing solution, will penetrate your pores, at least one hour. After it, a blue light will be directed towards them, for 10 minutes. After 3-5 sessions, which most patients required, your skin will look like sunburned. The only negative side is the price. You will have to pay $500 for one session!
If you have this problem, you are wearing a makeup, in order to cover them. This can be a mistake, because powders can settle in those holes which will make them larger! The solution is to put on a primer, to seal the pores and then you can use powder!



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