3 Tricks To Help Your Hair Look Amazing After A Workout

3 Tricks To Help Your Hair Look Amazing After A Workout

Are you among the many women who want to have their hair last while doing an intense workout? If so here are three hacks courtesy of Sunnie Brook Jones, a head and shoulders celebrity stylist that you could use during your intense workout so as to get that “”I worked out like this” hair – in a good manner.

Band Together
Always ensure that you have worn a headband while exercising as this will help in absorbing the sweat that will be produced during the workout from two areas which are known to be most soaked. These two areas are the nape of your neck and your hairline.

Pony Up
When carrying out an intense workout it is important that you pony up your hair. That said you should note that the higher you make your ponytail, the more voluminous and less slick your hair will be once you release it.

Twist It
Another way in which you can be able to ensure that your hair looks amazing once you have finished with your intense workout is by twisting it. This you can easily be able to do by securing a bun with a large clip. By doing so your hair will take up the shape of the twist that you created with help from the heat that your body will be releasing thus creating waves once you unraveled them. I would suggest you go for Scunci No Lip Grip Chunky Claw Clip which costs $5 as its lined with silicone which comes in handy when holding your strands in place.



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