Three hairstyles for stylish men

Three hairstyles for stylish men

There is a generation of men who like to stay stylish, who would like to take it to the next level. The hairstyle a man chooses usually says a lot about his personality. To those men who take care of their hair, there are many hair styles to choose from. We have made a selection of three styles that we love to see on men. Check them out!

Simple Casual

The simplicity and definitively the casual look of this hairstyle is classic. It usually has a part on one side. To achieve this look a little gel or styling cream will give the hair the needed softness and shine. Quickly brushing the hair to one side will bring increase the volume. To maintain the look and keep it easy to work with, keep it shorter on the sides.

Angular Fringe

The angular fringe is a bit more edgy and is the choice for men who are daring. This hairstyle gained popularity in 2014 and it is still very popular in 2015. The sides must be cut to a taper while the top portion of the hair is left longer. This top part should be cut at an angle.  It is common agreement that this hairstyle looks better on round faces.

Slicked Back

This could be considered an interesting version of the simple casual, except that this hairstyle has a slight variation. The sides and the lower back of the head should be cut short and the top cut longer. Use some hair gel to get a spiked look. 


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