Three new and hot hairstyles for men

Three new and hot hairstyles for men

When we talk about fashion, we sometimes focus on ladies dresses and the stylish shoes and handbags. Boys and men need to look great too. Just like all previous years, men hairstyles will be different in 2016. Here are three of the most attractive, hot, and new hairstyles that men will be sporting this year:

Mainstream Hipsters

This is a style for straight and thick hair. For this, the side hair cut should be short or medium as if pleases you, but the top hair should be three inches long to build a pomp. The hair is blown dry so that the crown hair stands almost upright.

The flow and comb hairstyle

If you have long and thick hair then this style is for you. It gives you a well-groomed and professional look. The hair is cut longer on the front and the sides and shorter in the back. After washing the hair, apply hair gel and comb it back from the forehead and towards the back on the sides. Many different looks can be achieved depending on how long or how short the sides are. Some men prefer to shave the sides and the back, leaving the entire crown long to either comb it to the back of the head or tie it in a “man-bun” or very short ponytail.

The bed-head hairstyle

The bed head hairstyle is the choice of many young boys. Curly hair and any length of hair will do but the best look is achieved by having your hair cut at a length of 2 inches on the sides and 3 inches on the crown. After washing, some gel can be applied and the hair is just finger-combed and left to dry in a dishevelled look.


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