Tips for women with gray hair

Tips for women with gray hair

Many women like having gray hair. Why? Some women have a nice gray coloring, they don’t want to color every month (which can be expensive as well) and they want to accept their years. A good side is that you can have a gray hair as long as you want. When you don’t like it anymore, cover it with any dye you want. For example, Sarah Harris, a British Vogue editor, has a hair that started turning silver when she was only 16-17 years old. Her mother also had the similar hair, but she dyed her hair. Harris doesn’t do this. She enjoys her nice silver hair and she gets a lot of compliments. 

If you want to have the similar hairstyle, wear it with pride. But you must remember that gray is a cool color, not warm like blond, red or brown. Because of this, it can wash out your skin color. In order to eliminate this, you can have lowlights or highlights along the sides of your face. They will give your hair dimension and make your face pop. Balayage for highlights is a perfect solution. If you don’t like them, you can have foil highlights.

Many women, with a completely gray hair, color their hair blonde or they get blonde highlights. Blond blends better with a growth that is completely gray. Many women use permanent hair color in order to color their gray hair. It is a much better choice than semi-permanent dyes. If you want this, I recommend you to use paintbrush in order to apply color on your hair. 



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