Zendaya’s Trendy Topknot is the Hairstyle of the Month

Zendaya’s Trendy Topknot is the Hairstyle of the Month

Zendaya’s name is synonym for great style. She made her name a year ago, when she appeared onto the Disney scene. This singer and actress showed us many cool styles over the short time. But, now, she showed us the perfect hairstyle.
During the last year, every hairstyle she had, she wore it with a confidence. This includes sultry with slicked back locks and super glam with retro waves. Her latest top notch topknot is the best hairstyle we saw this month. A good thing is that you can have is. You can make this hairstyle. If you need help, you can get. Edward Tricomi, Co-Founder of Warren-Tricomi Salons and master stylist revealed several secrets on how to make a hairstyle like this. He said that this hairstyle will keep you cool during the summer.
1.    In order to have this hairstyle, you will have to start with a wet hair. It must be a bit wet. Comb your hair into a ponytail. You should use a Mason Pearson brush and comb.
2.    Wrap the rubber band around the ponytail. This will secure it to the top on the head.
3.    In order to have the same texture as Zandaya’s hairstyle, twist your ponytail several times. Then, wrap it into a bun. Secure the topknot with a bobby pin.
4.    You can add Alterna Haircare Working Hair Spray if you want.
As you can see, it is very easy to style this hairstyle. You will need a little of time and these instructions. But, you will look great and you will be cool during the summer.





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