3 Hairstyles to Keep You Cool This Summer

3 Hairstyles to Keep You Cool This Summer

Summer is undeniably one of the most-loved seasons of the year. The warm weather allows you to stay outdoors and have fun with your loved ones all day long. But it also cannot be denied that there is something about the summer heat that makes you not in the mood and unenthusiastic.

You tend to lose your fab look when it is hot. This case gets even worse when your hair is long. Fortunately, there are hairstyles that can keep you cool this summer. With these hairstyles, you will remain fabulous despite the heat.

French Braids

This hairstyle is perfect for those who have medium to long hair. Irregular waves are necessary to make this look fabulous. Part your hair in the center and plait two French braids. Secure the braids together over either the left or right ear. This creates a fresh look that is perfect especially when heading to the beach!

Halo Braids

This is a cute hairstyle that looks good with any summer outfit! Halo braids are seen sported by many Hollywood stars. It has a way to make you look younger and keeps you hair away from your face, creating a refreshing aura. Part your hair in the center and make two pigtails. Join the pigtails to the top of your head and secure them with bobby pins.

Low-hanging side bun.

This is another easy summer hairstyle that is Hepburn-inspired. Simply pull all your hair over to one side and put it in a side ponytail. Using your index and middle fingers part the inside of the ponytail to create a gap. Take the length of the ponytail and slide it through the gap. Repeat the process until your entire hair is in a loose bun.


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