Amazing Ombre Hair Examples

Amazing Ombre Hair Examples

Ombre hair was very popular and it is staying there. This means that you cannot go wrong with these hairstyles. This is a coloring technique of your hair that starts dark at the roots and get lighter on the way up. A good side is that it requires a very little of maintenance. In fact, the minimum of maintenance is usually enough. On the other side, it looks amazing on women with long hair. If you have a short hair, you should try something else. However, women with long hair will look even more amazing with these hairstyles.

1.    Bernice hairstyle starts with dark brown roots. It blends into a neutral blonde when it reaches the ends. Women with cool medium skin tones and naturally dark brown hair will look amazing. Also the medium texture is the perfect. If you want to try a hairstyle like this, you should stick with the natural color of the roots. This will eliminate the need for the root touchups. 

2.    Celine hairstyle starts with dark brown roots as well. But, it blends into a golden (dark) blonde. Warm medium skin tones are the best for this hairstyle. Also, the hair should be medium in texture and naturally dark brown. This look doesn’t have to be curled every time. It should look seamless and chic.

3.    Denise hairstyle looks natural. The color of the roots is light brown. They blend into a blonde color. Light skin tones are the best. The hair should be naturally light brown. Also, the texture should be medium. A hairstyle without too much of contrast will give you latest look.




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